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Rauttola Tiia-Maria
Year Discipline
Ranking points of the chosen season
Class Place Points
D21 72 44.72

Days of competition
Day Name of the day of competition Clubs Class Place Time Difference to the lead Points Sprint points Terrain points
12.01.2019 Avoin AM-HiSu Kaakko sprintti Joutsenon Kullervo D21 18 31.26 0.14.00 44.03
12.01.2019 Avoin AM-HiSu Kaakko keskimatka Joutsenon Kullervo D21 19 1.02.09 0.29.06 41.09
16.02.2019 WRE-osakilpailu tulokset (H21 ja D21) ja sarjat H11, H13, D11 ja D13, keskimatka Lappeen Riento D21 19 1.21.22 0.40.43 40.60
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