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KRV Kuntosarjat
Entry reports
Competition Kainuun Rastiviikko Kuntosarjat/ Open classes 3., 5., 7. ja 8.7.
Date 03.07.2016
Level of the day Open
Discipline Orienteering
Competition type Individual
Length ??????
WWW page
Arranging clubs Puolangan Ryhti
Punching system to be used: Emit
The Emit/EmiTag numbers must be left at the latest: 12.06.2016
The 1st entry step 12.06.2016
The 2nd entry step
The 3rd entry step
Late-entry step

Classes and entry fees
Classes 1st step The 2nd step The 3rd step Late entry
Day price Total price Day price Total price Day price Total price Day price Total price
Kunto A-pitkä/ Open A-long 42,00 €
Kunto A-lyhyt/ Open A-short 42,00 €
Kunto B-pitkä/ Open B-long 42,00 €
Kunto B-lyhyt/ Open B-short 42,00 €
Kunto C-ultra/ Open C-ultra 42,00 €
Kunto C-pitkä/ Open C-long 42,00 €
Kunto C-lyhyt/ Open C-short 42,00 €
Kunto A-pitkä (alle 14v.)/ Open A-long (under 14 yo.) 25,00 €
Kunto A-lyhyt (alle 14v.)/ Open A-short (under 14 yo.) 25,00 €
Kunto B-pitkä (alle 14v.)/ Open B-long (under 14 yo.) 25,00 €
Kunto B-lyhyt (alle 14v.)/ Open B-short (under 14 yo.) 25,00 €
Kunto C-ultra (alle 14v.)/ Open C-ultra (under 14 yo.) 25,00 €
Kunto C-pitkä (alle 14v.)/ Open C-long (under 14 yo.) 25,00 €
Kunto C-lyhyt (alle 14v.)/ Open C-short (under 14 yo.) 25,00 €
Perhe-RR/ Family-RR 25,00 €